Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Walla Walla Harvesting Time

August 18, 2015

Since I started cultivating the onion seedlings instead of viewing them as weeds, my attitude changed towards their care. I had been cutting off the onion flowers as soon as I see them forming so that the energy could be directed to forming the onion bulb. It is satisfying to see the swollen bulbs all in a row.

I started wondering whether it was time to harvest them....The last time I had a significant crop of onions was August 2013. August was here. A quick research to refresh my memory suggested when the stalk start to fall over it would be time to harvest the onions!! My husband walked by and glanced at my computer screen, and makes a suggestion that BLEW MY MIND!! I cannot believe I had never thought of it before.... but that is a topic for another post.

I decided that today is the day I would harvest those Walla Walla onions. It was satisfying pulling out those beautiful golden globes from the planters. There were a greater number of onions than I had anticipated! This still left some immature onions in the planters.

The harvested onions were of various sizes. Some of them had divided and were growing as two onions forming as one bulb. As you can see, some were quite large. I decided to weigh them.

1 pound

2 3/4 pounds

Almost 2 3/4 pounds

2 1/2 pounds
The last time I had a bumper crop, I made onion jam. Stay tune to what I will be doing with these onions!!!

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