Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dogs in the Mist

I spent this weekend going through my photos on my phone, uploading to computer and backing up the photos. I came across these photos of Frasier and Ellie following my husband. My husband is allergic to dogs so the dogs are outside dogs. He does not play with them, just talk to them from the door. I think it is because of just that, they lap ( no pun intended) up any interaction they have with him. They just love him. He says he does not like dogs and they dogs are just for us. Secretly, I think he loves them just as much as we do.

One morning I woke up and look outside. It was all misty. I could not see beyond our property, could not see the vineyards.

The mist started clearing up a bit and what do I see? My husband strolling around our property with his morning cup of joe, and our dogs just leisurely following him around.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sprucing up the courtyard

May 3, 2015

We were too late in preparing our courtyard of tropical plants for winter. Renovations too longer than expected. Frost hit. Plants struggled but was still alive. We went away for vacation. A freaky snowstorm blew through the area over the New Year night. Snow actually stuck to the ground instead of just flurries, the most extreme snow the area has experienced. Kids were sledding down snow clad hills. Come on, this is Southern California!!