Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Mighty Cucurbitis - cucumber and squash

August 7, 2013

Although I have ranted and raved about my Fava beans and my self-seeded tomato patch, I am equally enamored with the cucurbits I planted. I had planted three types of cucumbers, a couple type of squashes and melon. Some I started from seeds and others I purchased as little plants. The problem is while I had initially labeled them using a black Sharpie, the marking had faded. I decided to plant them and wait for the fruits to determine what they are.

Just before I left for vacation, the weather had really heated up and the cucumber vines went wild! They were crawling over other plants and smothering them. I tied up the vines of one plant that was particularly vigorous to lattice sheets I propped up between the planter boxes and the wall,hoping to direct the vines to the lattice. Naturally, I was very excited to come back to see how the cucumbers were doing and what type of cucumbers each of the vines were!
The vines of the cucumber that was tied to the lattice had spilled over the sides and other planter beds. Both cucumber plants was being attacked by aphids but the more vigorous vine had fared better. The other plant had many dried leaves and yellow leaves.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A delightful welcome home

August 7, 2013

I anxiously slide open the door to the garden....It had been over three weeks since I was last in my Temecula garden. Before I left for vacation, I discovered the dreaded Tomato Horn Caterpillar on my tomato plants. All through the vacation, I wondered if I had actually got rid of the pest I found; images of total annihilation of my tomato patch and neighboring plants often came to mind. I looked out straight ahead to the pool, took a deep breath before turning my head to the left to look at my planters. A big smile quickly lit up my face!! The tomatoes were thriving with glorious fruits. 
The tomato plants had grown a lot while I was away. They were well branched and heavy with fruits and in need to tying and stalking. 

 The Green Zebra are almost ready to be picked.