Monday, September 16, 2013

Goji Berry

In November last year we purchased a couple pots of Goji berry Lycium Barbarum plants. Due to problems with the irrigation system and our work and travel schedule, we left them in pots.

The plants gave us teaser quantities of Goji berries while they were in the pots as seen the pictures above. Finally, we got around to transplanting the Goji Berry plants into the ground about a month ago.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Frasier's life in the country....

We have been bringing Frasier with us to Temecula of late. My city dog has been getting use to the wide open space of the countryside with its strange sounds, sights and smells. His first night he heard what we were told the next morning by our neighbors were sound of the chickens squawking, rattled by Coyote making away with two chickens from the coop. We kept Frasier in our walled courtyard garden so he was safe but no doubt scared by all the strange sounds.

As you can see his tail is down... wide open space is not what a city dog is used to. After awhile he did settle down once he saw us out gardening like we do at our "city" home.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Critters a nibbling

It looks like I have not seen the end of the Tomato Horn Caterpillar this season. Many tomato plants were displaying stalks stripped off leaves and browning leaves. The number and size of tomatoes have decline as the ravaged tomato plants battle the stress. I try to remove as many caterpillars I can but they are so well camouflage that invariably miss many caterpillar.

I saw these grenade shaped dropping on the eggplant leaves and knew that a caterpillar was involved. I just did not expect that it would be the same type of caterpillar. It was devastating to discover that the Tomato Horn Caterpillar was feasting not just on the tomato plants but also on my eggplant.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lost clip found - baby ladybug

While cleaning up the files on my computer this weekend, I stumbled upon a video clip I took of a baby ladybug emerging from the chrysalis cocoon. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Walla Walla Onions - a Giant Harvest

August 31, 2013

I have been growing shallots since I was a little girl. I remember begging my grandmother for little shallots for planting. I just love watching the shallot multiply. What was one would become four or six. While at Armstrong Nursery a couple of months ago, I saw a pack of what I would describe as extremely fine scallions or green onions, almost grasslike. The little black onion seed was still seen at the base of shoots. This is my first experience growing onions, Walla Walla sweet onions to be exact. It has been an equally satisfying experience. What the Walla Walla onion lack in multiplication in quantity it was more than impressive it multiplied in size!.
The onion bed with onions of various sizes, ready for harvesting.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poolside Edibles

August 18,2013

The area around our lap pool is landscaped with pebbles. It keeps the weeds down and conserve water. Also, it's low profile does not take away from the gorgeous of the vineyards and mountains which the backdrop to our pool.

We have been toying with ideas of various low plantings but it has been difficult finding edible plants. Finally, I had decided that I would try planting melons and squashes. The plants could spread out over the pebble, be in full sun it needed and the fruits will stay dry on the pebbles. Before I left on vacation I planted a melon and a zucchini plant.
 A 6 inch pot of melon. I move aside the layers of pebbles. Cut an X on the weed block layer below and dig a hole to plant the melon plant.