Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Colors

September 23,  2015

Finally, the tomatoes are ripening!! Not many but some. My favorite are the gorgeous Speckle Romans with the beautiful striations.

The extreme hot weather has been doing strange things to the Green Sausage Tomatoes. It has a little knob at the end of the fruit.

Tomato "Green Sausage"
Tomato-" Green Sausage"

Tomato "Black from Tula"
Tomato "Japanese Black Trifele"

Armenian Cucumbers, Marzano tomato, Green Sausage and Speckle Roman tomatoes. The effect of drought, extreme heat and restricted watering is clear. Significantly reduced quantity and strangely shaped tomatoes. See the knobby San Marzano tomato. 

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