Thursday, October 8, 2015


September 27, 2015

Everytime I slide open the door to the garden, I brace myself. Each season, my tomato plants gets decimated by Tomato Hornworm. These evil caterpillars seem to appear out of nowhere and wreck havoc. It is always when and how bad, never if.........

Today, from the doorway I can see from afar that something had bitten into the tomato. So I get closer. When I see the leafless stalks I start looking for the tomato hornworm.

The nasty creature had taken bites off the tomato itself!!! Needless to say, he never became a moth.... The search began for his raiding party.

I discovered that the tomato hornworm had some accomplices. I send him to join his fellow marauder. Grrrrr....

Across the way, the other planters suffer the same fate.

I saw leaf bare stalks of tomato plants. Sigh.... the time has come.
The Tomato "Brown Berry" apparently, is their favorite. I doubt that this plant will recover. Sigh.... I cut it back to the main stem to give it the best chances of regenerating.

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