Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fear of Tomato Hornworm Caterpillar

Even as I look with happiness and satisfaction upon my self- seeded tomato patch, I knew not all was well in Tomato Land.... I have been seeing the Fava beans leaves being stripped off their stalks. Tried as I may to convince myself that it was the grasshoper and snail I see in the planter bed, I knew in the deepest reaches of my heart.... it had to be the Tomato hornworm caterpillar. I did not see any until my last day at the garden before my vacation trip. I did not look very hard because 1. I was in denial 2. I figured if it was a problem, I would see the caterpillars all over....

Let's just enjoys picture of my tomato plants first....

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fava- Ready to Harvest

May and June at Vino Way....

With dear son graduated from high school and summer break almost at hand, we are spending a day or two a week in Temecula setting up the garden. Not yet spending nights but just coming up during the day to work on the garden and then heading back to San Diego to sleep. 

It is a learning experience gardening in a different gardening zone. Temecula is HOT! One cannot work for long in garden. Energy wanes as I get overheated and dehydrated. I reckon my sleeping pattern will have to change once I move to Temecula as I will have to wake up early to garden before the heat is in full swing.

The biggest difference is how fast plants grow here in Temecula. Once we get a few hot days in a row going, plants grow exponentially! By the time I come back the next weekend both weeds and produce are ready for attention
Planter beds filled with flush foliage from the combination of Fava beans, tomatoes, broccoli raab and cilantro.
Cilantro plants going into full bloom attracting bees and other insects that help pollinate the other plants.

Fava Beans

April at Vino way.....

A smile is upon my face as I sit down to write this post. Family and friends alike have commented the dearth of new posts on any of my blogs. Whatever have I been up to, they ask? Life! My family and friends, while it provides the fodder for the blogs also deprived me of time to garden, to create and to blog. Least you think my life has all been drugery, be assured there have been very momentous events. My not so little boy graduated high school and is heading out to college!!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of a self- seeding garden. I had planted some Fava beans. Even as the Fava beans sprouted and begin to take off, tomato plants self seeded from last year plant's began to emerge. I am not sure that variety of tomatoes they are, but they are a welcome addition to the garden!
Fava beans all in rows... Drip irrigation in use.